Tips To Winterizing Your Home To Avoid A Frozen Disaster

Last year, we saw record lows, frozen pipes, and countless customers returned from out of town to find their house flooded. Don’t forget to winterize your home before you head out of town for the holidays!

Here are a few tips to help keep your pipes and home safe during a cold snap:

  •  Know Your Main Water Shut-off Location: It’s vital to know where this is, as it’s the first step in case of a burst pipe. If you’re unsure where it is, learn how to shut off your water meter. Install a smart home water flow monitoring system, like the MoenFlo, for the ultimate in peace-of-mind.
  •  Protect Pipes in the Garage: If you have exposed pipes here, keep the garage door closed to minimize exposure to the cold.
  •  Secure Outdoor Hose Bibbs: Identify and turn off the shut-offs for these, then leave the hose bibbs open to allow drainage. If you can’t find the shut-offs, consider getting foam covers from a hardware store.

If you have any concerns about winterizing your home, send us a message or  give us a call and we can help ease your mind!